Polypropylene (PP)

Polypropylene is a synthetic resin made by polymerization of propylene (CH3-CH=CH2) with H2 as the molecular weight modi-fier. There are three stereomers of PP-isotactic, atactic and syndiotactic.
PP contains no polar groups and has excellent electrical insulation properties. Its water absorption rate is less than 0.01%. PP is a semi-crystalline polymer with good chemical stability. It is stable to most chemical except strong oxidizers. Inorganic acid, alkali and salt solutions have almost no damaging effect on PP.
PP has good heat resistance and low density. Its melting point is at around 165℃. It has high tensile strength, surface hardness and good environmental stress crack resistance. It can withstand 120℃ continuously.



PP has a variety of applications. It is suitable for multiple processing methods such as injection molding, extrusion molding and blow molding and is widely used in the textile, packaging, electrical household appliances, automobile and real estate industries.

Both Clustering

Grades S1003 HP550J S2040 HP500N HP500P HA612M HP462R
(MFR2.16kg) g/10min 3 3 37 12 17 8 26
Tensile strength at yield MPa≥ 30 29 29 30 29 28 29
Flexural modulus MPa≥ 1000 1200 1000 1200 1200 1200 1000
Charpy impact strength KJ/㎡≥ 2 3 1 2 1.7 实测 1
Isotactic index % 95.0~99.0 95.0~99.0 95.0~99.0 95.0~99.0 96.0~99.0 95.0~99.0
Ash %≤ 0.022
Applications Extruded filaments, Carpet backing cloth, Color band cloth, Ultra-fine staple fibers, Non-woven fabrics Injection Molding Injection Molding CPP Ultra-fine Staple Fibers, BCF Filament

Random Copolymerization

Grades T4401 K4912 K4826 RP220M
(MFR2.16kg) g/10min 0.275 12 25 8
Tensile strength at yield MPa≥ 20 26 24 19
Stretching broken column nominal strain %≥ 300
Flexural modulus MPa≥ 620 900 800 600
Charpy impact strength KJ/㎡≥ 35 3.5 3 2
Heat deflection temperature ℃≥ 60
Applications Cold water pipes Transparent material Transparent material Binary Heat Seal Layer

Block Copolymers

Grades K8003 K8009 EP300H K9928H
(MFR2.16kg) g/10min 2.5 10 1.8 30
Tensile strength at yield MPa≥ 22 17 20 21
Flexural modulus MPa≥ 1000 900 850 1000
Charpy impact strength KJ/㎡≥ 9 actual measurement 8
Charpy impact strength KJ/㎡≥ 5 6 actual measurement
Applications Toys, Shells of storage batteries, Household appliances, Automotive parts Household Appliances,Packages High-impact devices, Automotive Partsmachine barrel and parts High-impact devices, Automotive and Household appliances parts, Washing machine barrel and parts